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How do you know you are being “quiet fired?”

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Wrongful Termination

The workplace should be a healthy and fair environment devoid of unscrupulous practices. However, despite all the employee protections in place, some employers still find ways of circumnavigating employee rights.

One of the ways they achieve this is through “quiet firing.” This is where this is where an employer subtly pushes an employee out of their position without overtly firing them.

Signs of quiet firing

When your employer decides to covertly fire you, there are several tactics they may use to force you out. These include:

  • Sudden change in job description: You might get demoted or have your job description altered significantly, often resulting in a role that is less desirable or challenging than your previous responsibilities. This change can be accompanied by a reduction in your authority, decision-making power or access to resources necessary to perform effectively.
  • Unreasonable targets: Performance targets might be set at an unattainable level, making it nearly impossible for you to meet them despite your best efforts and past performance. These targets may be arbitrarily increased without adequate justification or consideration of your actual capabilities, leading to constant criticism and dissatisfaction with your work.
  • Pay cuts and bonus denials: When other employees receive raises, bonuses or promotions while you consistently face pay cuts, bonus denials or stagnant compensation despite meeting or exceeding expectations, it can indicate that management is subtly signaling their dissatisfaction and potentially setting the stage for your exit.
  • Supervisor ghosts you: You may also notice that your supervisors avoid regular interactions with you, including meetings, feedback sessions or informal check-ins. They might become unresponsive to your emails or requests for guidance, leaving you feeling isolated and uncertain about your performance and future within the company.

When you suspect that your employer is unfairly pushing you out, consider seeking legal guidance to help protect your rights.