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Cancer Discrimination Is Wrong. Let Me Help.

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees with cancer. The law protects employees with cancer conditions and in many circumstances requires that employers provide reasonable accommodations which are needed. Employees who have been treated differently at work because they have cancer, or have been denied necessary accommodations or wrongfully terminated, may benefit from seeking information and possible representation from an experienced employee rights attorney.

I am attorney Alan Adelman, an employee rights lawyer with over 25 years of experience. I have exclusively dedicated my law practice to taking action against workplace discrimination and other illegal acts committed by employers against employees. My experience level includes handling complicated discrimination claims involving employees with cancer and other medical conditions. Contact me today to schedule a consultation at my law firm in San Francisco if you believe that you have been subjected to discrimination in the workplace.

Experienced California Medical Leave Attorney Working For You

I have handled over a thousand discrimination cases, including cases involving employees with cancer. I have a substantial amount of litigation experience representing employees with disabilities. The services which I can offer range from securing necessary accommodations in an ongoing employment to negotiating a severance prior to a lawsuit being filed to filing a lawsuit to litigate a wrongful termination or a refusal to provide reasonable accommodation.

I am prepared to explore whether you may have suffered unlawful discrimination, such as whether your employer has failed to provide you with the extended medical leave during or after your treatment to which you may have been entitled. Part of my focus also includes determining whether an employer has failed and/or refused to provide reasonable accommodations which would allow an employee with a disability to continue working, including but not limited to, such accommodations as the following:

  • Telecommuting
  • Modifying job duties
  • Modifying flexible work hours
  • Transferring to a more accommodating position
  • Providing assistive devices
  • Offering disability leave

If you have suffered unlawful discrimination due to your medical condition, I have the ability and experience to take swift action. Any attempts to avoid promoting you or giving you extra responsibilities may be unlawful. I am an assertive advocate for disabled employees’ rights. If you encountered retaliation, including wrongful termination for reporting any disability discrimination, you may have legal rights which have been violated. I am committed to pursuing equitable recoveries for employees whose rights have been violated.

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I became an employment law attorney to help employees receive fair treatment and equal opportunities. I believe that my track record as a successful employee rights litigator in the Bay Area enhances my credibility in negotiating on your behalf. Contact my law firm today. Call 415-906-3331 or email me.