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Experienced Advocate Against Sex And Gender Discrimination

In California, employers know that sex discrimination is illegal. Yet, fair employment practices are not applied consistently across businesses in all types of industries. If you were wrongfully denied a job opportunity or a salary equivalent to your counterpart, you may benefit from securing experienced legal representation from a San Francisco sex discrimination lawyer.

I am attorney Alan Adelman, an employee rights advocate with over 25 years of experience. From my law office in San Francisco, I take an aggressive stance against employers for using gender, sexual orientation or pregnancy status when making employment decisions. If you were denied equal opportunity in the workplace, or encountered a hostile work environment based on your gender or sexual orientation, your employment rights may have been violated. Contact me to discuss whether I may be able to assist you.

Employment Law Attorney Seeking Justice In The Face Of Sex Discrimination

The old boys’ network remains a driving force in many industries. Women have made extensive strides in the corporate world, and yet a glass ceiling still exists within many companies. I have represented several hundred employees in discrimination matters. I know what to look for and how to hold companies accountable when they have discriminated against an employee based on that employee’s gender, sexual orientation or pregnancy status Although gender discrimination is often subtle, I have handled a wide variety of legal matters involving gender discrimination, such as:

  • Inequities in compensation
  • Denial of promotions or other advancement opportunities
  • Diminution of authority and job duties
  • Withholding of recognition for successful performance and achievement
  • Fewer job opportunities or training opportunities
  • Wrongful termination

I also have extensive experience representing employees who have endured sexual harassment in the workplace. This is illegal. I will take appropriate legal action against employers who have committed, and failed to prevent, sexual harassment or discrimination. If you are a victim of wrongful termination or other forms of retaliation for reporting sexual discrimination, your legal rights may have been violated.

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnant employees have legal rights against discrimination under several state and federal laws. If you were overlooked for a job opportunity, denied maternity leave, retaliated against or wrongfully terminated because of a pregnancy, you have legal rights which may protect you against such discriminatory or retaliatory treatment.

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