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Dedicated To Protecting The Rights Of Workers Who Have Endured Disability Discrimination

Several state and federal laws protect disabled employees and applicants against discrimination in the workplace. The law provides protection against disabled employees being denied equal employment opportunities and reasonable work accommodations when such accommodations are necessary in order for disabled employees to enjoy the same employment opportunities that are available to employees who do not have disabilities.

I am lawyer Alan Adelman, a San Francisco employment law attorney with more than 25 years of experience. Throughout virtually my entire legal career, I have focused exclusively on employees’ rights in the San Francisco Bay Area. My dedicated focus on protecting employees’ rights has enabled me to stay up to date with the changing laws while providing the focused, passionate representation that you need and deserve. If you have reasons to believe you were discriminated against, contact me to discuss whether you might have a disability discrimination case.

What You Need To Know About Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination arises in many different contexts:

  • The employer doesn’t hire an employee because of the employee’s disability.
  • The employer limits an employee’s advancement because of a disability.
  • The employer refuses to provide a disabled employee with the reasonable accommodations that are needed in order to perform the functions of the job.
  • The employer terminates an employee because the employee has a disability.

At the Law Offices of Alan Adelman, I have litigated numerous cases involving employers denying disabled employees’ requests for reasonable accommodation or terminating employees because of their disabilities.

Several state and federal laws have been established to protect employees with disabilities from this type of discrimination. If an employee has a mental or physical condition that limits the employee’s ability to work or to engage in one or more other major life activities, that employee may have the legal right to accommodation and equal employment opportunities. If an employer refuses to hire a disabled applicant or refuses to accommodate or terminates a disabled employee, that employer may be engaging in unlawful discrimination. Applicants for employment and employees with disability conditions are protected against unlawful discrimination.

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A motivating force behind my decision to focus my law practice on advocating for employees’ rights has been to protect employees with disabilities against unlawful discrimination and to advocate for disabled employees receiving equal opportunities in the workplace. Throughout my legal career, I have handled a wide variety of disability discrimination and employment matters. I believe that my track record as a successful employee rights litigator in the Bay Area enhances my credibility in negotiating and litigating on your behalf. I have the knowledge and experience to take your case to trial if necessary. Contact my law firm at 415-906-3331 or get in touch online.