Putting Employment Issues Behind You

Bay Area Employment Law Lawyer

Employees’ Rights Are My Highest Concern

Many employers seem too big and powerful to challenge. When fired unfairly or mistreated on the job, many employees feel helpless.

I am lawyer Alan Adelman, a San Francisco employment law attorney who has been defending workers’ rights for over 25 years. You may have more legal rights than you might think.

San Francisco Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Attorney

If you think you might have been mistreated or fired unfairly, contact me. I formed the Law Offices of Alan Adelman to protect employees just like you who are working throughout San Francisco, California, and the greater Bay Area.

Offering a Variety of Legal Services for Employees

Throughout my career, I have worked exclusively to protect employees’ rights from my law office in San Francisco, California. I offer skilled counsel and aggressive advocacy in a variety of legal areas, including:

  • Wrongful termination: An employer cannot fire an employee for any number of unlawful reasons. A wide spectrum of laws protects you from unlawful termination.
  • Retaliation: In many circumstances whereby an employer takes adverse action against an employee in retaliation for making reasonable accommodation requests, standing up for his or her legal rights or for opposing certain unlawful conduct, the law provides protection.
  • Discriminatory treatment: The law prohibits employers from refusing to hire you, from disciplining or firing you, or from hindering your advancement or the terms and conditions of your employment due to race, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or a medical condition.
  • Sexual harassment: If your work environment has become hostile because of sexual innuendos and advances, or an employer makes certain inappropriate actions a requirement for your advancement, you may have a sexual harassment claim.
  • Disability discriminatory treatment: In many circumstances, employers are required to provide disabled employees with reasonable accommodations.
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act: The FMLA and the California Family Rights Act entitle many employees with protected leave for personal or family medical conditions.
  • Pregnancy rights: Many pregnant employees are entitled to four months or more of protected leave associated with a pregnancy and childbirth, and with the passing of the Paid Family Leave Act, certain qualifying California parents can get partial compensation for up to six weeks for bonding with a newborn.
  • Employment contracts and severance: If your employer is not honoring the terms of an employee contract, or is withholding the level of severance pay to which you believe that you are entitled, contact me.
  • Unpaid wages and overtime: If you think your employer is not paying you for hours that you have worked, including overtime hours, you may have a case to recover lost wages. I am a fierce advocate for employees denied the wages they rightfully earned. I will fight to help you try and recovery any earned and unpaid overtime, commissions, bonuses, and other wages to which you are entitled.

Focus and Experience in Defending Your Rights as an Employee

I have spent my entire career as a lawyer helping mistreated workers secure justice and empowerment in difficult employment circumstances. In every litigation or arbitration case that I take on, or any matter in which compensation is secured through my representation, I work on a contingency fee basis only, meaning I charge attorney fees only if and when you receive compensation for the wrongs that you have suffered. Contact me via email or call 415-906-3331 today.