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I Work Hard For Victims Of Age Discrimination

Seasoned employees can be vulnerable to layoffs or the denial of equal employment opportunities, especially in an unstable job market. If you believe you were discriminated against based on your age, obtain help from a highly skilled San Francisco age discrimination attorney.

I am Alan Adelman, an employment law attorney with over 25 years of experience. From my law office in San Francisco, I focus exclusively on employees’ rights. I offer skilled counsel and strong advocacy to help California workers take a stance against employment discrimination. If you were laid off, denied a promotion or otherwise discriminated against based on your age, this is illegal. Contact my firm to learn how your rights against age discrimination may be protected.

Employee Discrimination Attorney Pursuing Justice In The Bay Area

For over 25 years, I have represented more than a thousand employees who have been discriminated against in their employment. If you suspect that you were denied employment, wrongfully terminated or otherwise deprived of equal employment opportunity based on your age, consider the following:

  • Was your position backfilled by someone considerably younger with less experience?
  • Were younger, less qualified employees retained while older, more qualified employees were laid off?
  • Were your job responsibilities redistributed to younger, lesser-qualified employees for no legitimate business reason?
  • Did the company exhibit a pattern of favoring younger, lesser-qualified applicants and employees over those who were older and more qualified?

Often, age discrimination is subtle, with no direct evidence to establish fault. The complexity of these cases makes it even more pressing to work with an experienced employment law attorney. My legal career has been defined by my advocacy for employees’ rights – this is nothing new to me. I have successfully secured recoveries in numerous age discrimination cases based on circumstantial evidence.

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I know what to look for in determining if you were discriminated against based on your age. If you are a victim of wrongful termination or other forms of retaliation for reporting age discrimination, contact my law firm today to discuss whether I may be able to help you protect your rights under the law. Contact my firm online or call 415-906-3331.