An Employer Cannot Deny You The Wages Which You Have Earned

You put in your time, but you are not paid for the work that you have performed. Employers sometimes fail or refuse to pay employees the amount of wages that they have rightfully earned. This may occur in the form of unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, delayed payments and the withholding of commission or bonus wages. When this happens, you may have the legal right to recover the money you have earned.

Contact me at the Law Offices of Alan Adelman to learn how you can recover the wages that you have earned. In my over 20 years of fighting for employees’ rights in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area, I have helped numerous clients recover the earned and unpaid overtime, commissions, bonuses and other wages to which they are entitled.

You Can Recover What Is Owed To You

I can help get what you deserve in cases of:

  • Unpaid wages or salary: When the employer simply does not pay you the wage or salary that you have earned.
  • Unpaid overtime: When you have worked extra hours above the normal eight hours a day or 40 hours a week, and the employer does not provide you the extra overtime compensation to which you may be entitled.
  • Delayed payment: When the employer pays you later than required by law.
  • Withholding of earned commissions or bonuses: When an employer fails to tender your earned commissions or bonuses, or when your employment terminates and the employer claims that your earned commissions or bonuses have been forfeited.
  • Employer retaliation, discrimination and/or wrongful termination for requesting your earned wages : When an employer retaliates against you for requesting the wages that you have earned.

When you are counting on the wages that you have earned, and your wages aren’t paid, it can cause a serious hardship. I became a lawyer to help people like you recover what you have earned.

Experience And Focus

I have over two decades of experience litigating cases involving unpaid overtime and wages. Many lawyers are unwilling to take cases that could go to trial due to the level of work involved. I have tried almost 20 cases to completion in court, including several wage violation matters, so I have the experience and knowledge to litigate a case to the very end when necessary. This enhances my credibility when I am negotiating with employers and their lawyers, as I have a longstanding track record of aggressive and knowledgeable trial advocacy.

You have worked hard for your wages. Contact me today so that I can assist you in seeking to recover the wages which you have earned.