Putting Employment Issues Behind You

Leveling The Playing Field For Employees Who Have Suffered Employment Discrimination

When discriminatory conduct is perpetrated in the workplace, discriminated employees often feel that they are too vulnerable to defend themselves. This is where the law comes in. You may have legal rights that protect you from discrimination in the workplace.

If you think you might have a discrimination claim in San Francisco, Oakland or the surrounding Greater Bay Area, contact the Law Offices of Alan Adelman for a consultation. I am a San Francisco discrimination lawyer, and I have concentrated my legal practice exclusively on employees’ rights. I have the experience and reputation to effectively represent employees in discrimination cases with focus, knowledge and integrity.

When Mistreatment Amounts To Discrimination, Turn To An Experienced Lawyer

I am an experienced employee rights attorney committed to seeking justice for individuals who have been denied employment or advancement opportunities due to workplace discrimination based on:

If you have been denied employment or have been denied advancement opportunities because of your disability, race, gender, religion, age, national origin or sexual orientation, your rights against discrimination in the workplace may have been violated. I am a fierce advocate for employees’ rights.

I have the knowledge and experience necessary, as a negotiator and as a litigation attorney, to represent employees in securing the compensation that they deserve. My objective in every employment matter that I take on is to make the legal process empowering for employees, a process that enables employees to not only recover the compensation to which they are entitled, but also to restore their sense of dignity.

I have over 30 years of experience protecting the rights of employees. My experience and reputation as a knowledgeable and high integrity trial lawyer enhance my ability to represent employees’ interests. I have successfully litigated against many of the largest companies and employment defense firms in the nation. My opposition will know that I am prepared to aggressively take a case to trial when necessary.

You May Have More Rights Than You Think – Contact My Law Firm

Often, employees feel as if they have no place to turn after being terminated or suffering discrimination in the workplace. For over 25 years, I have exclusively focused my employment law practice on protecting workers’ rights. The law offers a powerful means to protect employees from workplace discrimination.

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act and numerous other California and federal laws offer a wide array of protections and remedies for employees. Contact me today. Call 415-906-3331 or get in touch online.