Putting Employment Issues Behind You


The following are reviews posted by former clients of Alan Adelman through his profile on Avvo.com:

Alan handled my Employment / Labor matter.

Posted by Abbas

Alan is very knowledgeable when it comes to employment law. His sincere compassion for his clients and their needs come first. He was adept at understanding the technical aspects of my case (employment overtime), Alan Adelman provided everything I hoped to find in an attorney: He always returned every call and email immediately, and was generous with his time.

Alan Adelman is your lawyer

Posted by a client

Alan Adelman is a consummate professional. Both proactive and responsive, and a great communicator that provides excellent service to his clients— you will know from Day 1 that you are being well-represented. I give him the highest recommendation.

Alan Adelman is an Exceptional Attorney

Posted by Matt

I would highly recommend Alan to anyone in need of legal help. Alan is not only an exceptional attorney, he is a good person. He listened to my situation and treated me with empathy. Thanks to Alan, I received a fair outcome in my legal dispute.

The best there is!

Posted by a client

About 2 years ago, I took step that I never would have contemplated — seeking restitution from my employer. This was an agonizing decision. I had worked in the corporate world, for two sizable companies, over a 30-year period. I had been the type of person who generally loved my job, my employer, and life in general. I had heard of employees suing their employers, but honestly had always viewed those stories with some suspicion. And then I found myself thrown, against my will, into a situation where I was humbled by that suspicion. It’s different when it happens to you.

When I called Alan, I told him that I wanted to be only absolutely honest. Not sure of how the process works and unsure of attorneys in general, I didn’t want to ever be pressured to say or “not say” anything in order to sway the view of my case. I told him that it was critical to me that my case be “Blessed by God.”

It turned out that I need not say any such thing to Alan. I don’t remember exactly what I had been expecting, but now I cannot imagine an attorney with more integrity. First of all, Alan spent quite some time with me going over the situation and a lot of details before deciding to take on the case.

He was always extremely honest and up front with me. He encouraged me to be truthful always. He worked very very hard. He and I, over the 2-year period, spoke often, met often, and communicated openly. I can’t recall one time where I felt out of the loop. He held me to a very high level of work and responsiveness, and he held up his end well. We were truly a team, guided by common principles, and completely in sync every step of the way.

Alan also served as a wonderful support when my spirits were down. This was an agonizing experience for me and a very difficult 2 years. Whenever I felt defeated or exhausted, he was there to remind me of what this was about — to encourage me personally. I told him at least once that, win or lose, I truly felt that he was a blessing to me.

I would absolutely recommend Alan to anyone going through a tough and difficult employer lawsuit. He has such integrity that, if he chooses to take the case, you can know that he believes in you. But be ready to be absolutely truthful, to work hard, to meet all deadlines, and to be present from beginning to end. It will work out!

Alan Adelman

Posted by Mark H.

Alan is a very professional, responsive and knowledgeable attorney. I had a very positive experience. He truly cares about his clients.

Mr. Alan Adelman . . . an impressive lawyer.

Posted by John

Mr. Adelman is the consummate professional. My questions and concerns regarding Employment law were always responded to in a very timely manner. Because of Mr. Adelman’s knowledge, integrity, experience and dedication, my case saw a positive, fair and prompt outcome.

Looking for a lawyer full of integrity? Look no further…

Posted by Laura

Mr. Adelman is full of integrity. He keeps his word and goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his clients receive high-quality legal advice. He is great at explaining the law to a non-attorney and will fight for his clients. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Adelman for any work-related issues. I hope I don’t need his services again, but if I do, he will be my first call. He is an amazing attorney who truly cares about his clients.

Alan= Peace of mind.

Posted by Minoo

Alan, great with Clients, Excellent attorney, Very Professional, Very supportive. I will approve and hire him anytime. Alan, a good friend, and great lawyer. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Quick resolution in my favor — thanks to Alan.

Posted by Chris

Very quick resolution in my favor. Minimal costs.

Reasonable Accommodation Help

Posted by Michael

Mr. Adelman assisted me with problems I was having getting a Reasonable Accommodation (RA) from my employer. I had been fighting with my employer for almost 6 months and had no success even though I had provided all the supporting documentation, including a letter from my doctor indicating I needed RA due to my spinal cord injury. A little over a month after contacting Mr. Adelman, he had successfully convinced my employer to change their position and I was given the RA I requested (telecommuting). He accomplished this by writing to the Director of my organization and talking to their legal counsel. While I had been working my way UP the ladder to try and get some help, he worked his way DOWN the ladder and was very successful in convincing them to give me some assistance!

His empathy for the plight of injured/disabled people was so refreshing and it came through very clearly that he wanted to help. He continually kept me informed on what was going on and in the end he accomplished what I had been unable to do for almost 6 months. I have nothing but good things to say about Mr. Adelman and most importantly I want to say that without his assistance I don’t know where I would be today. I had all but given up hope that I would ever be able to work again but his assistance turned things around and I really don’t know what kind of life I would have today without his help. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Mr. Adelman. He CARES, which is more than I can say about my employer. I think it would be very hard to find another attorney (for employment issues) who would do a better job than Mr. Adelman. Oh yeah! In addition his rates were extremely reasonable. Really don’t think one could do better.

Best employment lawyer in San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by Thomas

Alan is a very honorable, ethical, straight-to-the-facts lawyer. He is very personable and able to dig deep into the facts at hand quickly. He honestly scored all 5 stars in each category above. We worked as a team. Open and honest. He fights very hard for his clients. He’s the loudest one in the room, except for when he respectfully speaks with the judge. I like that. He doesn’t back down; but only fights hard when he truly believes in something. He will not bend or misrepresent any facts and has challenged me on many of my facts. I appreciate that. This is true integrity — this is what a great lawyer is made of.

Knowledgeable, honest, efficient and fair.

Posted by a Discrimination client

Prior to initially seeing Alan, I had read a few reviews, was extremely encouraged by them, and hoped that reality was as good. It is! Alan is a great lawyer!! He helped me through a very trying and stressful time in my professional career. I did not have a lot of familiarity with the law and was quite intimidated by it. Alan’s knowledge, understanding, and willingness to explain were invaluable. He is responsive, caring and takes time to understand his clients. He is analytical and detailed, and able to communicate effectively to lay persons. At all times he was honest and fair. I was informed through all negotiations, and in a timely, efficient manner. I highly recommend Alan.

Thanks Alan, you did a great job on my case! Highly recommended!!

Posted by Robert

Alan is very knowledgeable when it comes to employment law. He was on top of everything, kept me informed and spent a lot of time discussing my case with me. Alan was really fighting for my case, and thank you, I got my recovery at a satisfactory level!!

A True professional who cares about his client!!!

Posted by Shawn

Alan was honest and more than fair in the dealings of my case. He has a sense of pride and integrity in his law practice; which allows him to achieve favorable results in short order. His sincere compassion for his clients and their needs come first. Alan does not force or persuade his client to accept offers but merely advises his legal advice weighing the pros and cons laid out on the table. I would highly recommend Alan to any potential client and am quite pleased to have him in my corner!!! A+++

Great Attorney — Highly Recommended

Posted by Jesse

I was very fortunate to have found Alan and I can’t recommend him highly enough. He was adept at understanding the technical aspects of my case (employment overtime), experienced and steady in negotiations, very responsive, detailed-oriented and timely with all matters and communication. This is an attorney with a high degree of integrity, fair-mindedness and standard of practice.

Great Attorney

Posted by an Employment client

Alan helped me with a very challenging time in my professional life. Without him, I would not have known what direction to go and each step of the way, he was there for me. He cares about his clients, is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and provides practical and well thought out advice. I couldn’t possible say enough about how much he helped me. I have worked with many lawyers and he is one of the best!!

Highest possible recommendation for Alan Adelman

Posted by an Employment client

Alan Adelman provided everything I hoped to find in an attorney: outstanding legal/technical expertise, excellent judgment, attentive listening, thoughtful analysis, and the best legal advice possible. My situation was very challenging and Alan was able to provide critical assistance which resulted in a positive outcome. He is both a rigorous advocate for his client as well as realistic and down-to-earth in his counsel. His advice was solid gold. He always returned every call and email immediately, and was generous with his time — he consistently underbilled. He is compassionate and committed to his clients and the consummate professional. He earned my trust and confidence, and I highly recommend him.

Excellent attorney, personable and professional

Posted by Stephanie

Alan provided necessary information for my situation and made sure I understood everything we discussed. His counsel was honest, compassionate and gave me the peace of mind I needed to make a decision. I would definitely refer anyone to him. It is very evident that Alan cares about his clients and would go over and beyond to help.

Alan Adelman — Trustworthy and Honorable.

Posted by Edward

Alan was very attentive and knowledgeable on the subject matter. He kept me informed of the process and any responses received from the other party. He was also very honest in his interpretation of the case and what the possible outcome could be if we followed his recommendations always giving me the choice of making the decision. He was able to obtain a settlement in a very short time and with the added benefit of changing the company’s guidelines and procedures to ensure that this situation would not happen to someone else. I would strongly recommend him as a lawyer and as a person of honor and integrity.

Best Lawyer in the Bay Area

Posted by Shawn

As a first-time client needing a lawyer in this type of matter, Alan exceeded my expectations. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, understanding and accessible. I always had an understanding of where we were in the case and the process. We met regularly and spoke often about any concerns I had or updates he needed to inform me about.

Alan Adelman — Employment Law — Rockstar Attorney in my book.

Posted by Frankie

Alan was awesome and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing his services. This was my first time through the legal suit process and he guided me through every step of the way not once making me feel dumb or ill-informed. Every question I had, no matter how miniscule, he treated with the utmost importance and when it came to touchy issues around the suit he was nothing but Class A about the matters.

He keeps his caseloads and family life very well-balanced and as a result always was able to pay attention to my case when it needed it. Also, absolutely not once did I ever feel that he was leading me the wrong way in order to squeeze more hours out of the case…in fact, quite the opposite was true. “I could go down this path but really the only people that stand to gain from that are the attorneys” to paraphrase him at one point 🙂 He’s awesome — seriously 🙂

Last but certainly not least — His receptionist is incredibly cool and friendly. Kudos to her.

He has a great location in SF and the settings make you feel very much at ease.

Performance Review for Mr. Adelman

Posted by John A

Good attorney. The only one that would help me in a discrimination suit I wanted to bring against my former employer. As they say, the case was settled at the court house steps. I rated him “Good” on responsiveness, which I attribute to how busy he was helping other clients. A very good attorney, whom I recommend highly!

law suite

Posted by Jacquelyn

My case was handled with the most professional care of the two lawyers I have had work on a case for me, they kept me informed of everything happening. I never had to call him he always kept me up-to-date, if you need a lawyer that cares about his clients this is the one.

Review of Alan Adelman

Posted by Tim

Alan took my case of employment discrimination. Knowledgeable. Gave me realistic expectations. No BS. Negotiated with my prior employer. Got a settlement in short order. I am satisfied. I give him my highest recommendation.

Alan Adelman Review

Posted by Kris

Alan’s experience and integrity are invaluable to his clients. His support and preparation helped immensely. I strongly recommend his services to anyone considering his firm.

Psychology MA, MFT intern

Posted by Monika

Mr. Adelman was an excellent representative for me with my former employer. During the course of my case he always kept me up to date with information. Mr. Adelman explained all legal information in a clear and concise manner and he takes an extra effort to reduce any anxiety you are experiencing when he is able to do so.

One of the Best

Posted by Fred

Alan Adelman is a consummate professional attorney. Calm and deliberate, he is always prepared and smart about the choices available. One of the rare ones. Alan is a talented, honest, hardworking, and skillful professional who is dedicated to giving his client the best possible service. He will stand by you and always support your best interests. I always felt safe, secure, and well-represented. In my experience with Alan, I’ve seen him calmly navigate some speed bumps, always staying calm, cool and collected. The quality is superb. If you’re working with Alan it means you are in good hands. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be represented by one of the best.