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Discrimination could exist in a job posting

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Discrimination

If you went in to apply for a job and the interviewer told you “Sorry, we’re looking for someone a little bit younger,” you would know that this was a form of discrimination. It is illegal to discriminate against workers because of their age – if they are 40 or older. These workers deserve the same chance to apply for jobs as their younger counterparts.

But don’t assume that discrimination is always going to be this obvious or this overt. There are many situations in which it is hidden or disguised in some way. In fact, the job posting itself could be discriminatory, even when it doesn’t directly mention your age.

Recent college graduates

One problematic phrase that employers sometimes use in job postings is when they say that they want to hire a recent college graduate. This could be evidence of discrimination based on age.

The problem is that the majority of college graduates are relatively young adults, typically in their mid-20s. If someone reads a job posting saying that an employer wants to hire a recent college graduate, but that person is in their 50s and graduated from college 25 years ago, are they going to feel like they’re being given an equal opportunity to get the position? Even if they are completely qualified, they may feel like their age keeps them from having a fair chance at getting the job.

This is just one example of how age discrimination still takes place in the modern work environment. If you feel that this has happened to you, then it’s important to understand all of the legal options that you have moving forward.