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3 ways an employer might underpay you

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2024 | Wage And Hour Violations

What if you get your wage slip and  the amount it says you will receive is less than you expected? It could be that you worked things out wrong. It could be that the person in charge of the payroll made an innocent mistake they can soon correct. Or, it might be an intentional attempt to steal money from you.

Wage theft still goes on, despite years of laws to ensure that employees get the financial compensation they deserve for their time. Understanding some of the ways employers commit wage theft can help you determine if it is happening to you.

Having you work off the clock

You do not need to lift a finger to help your boss before your official start time or after your official end time. At least not without them paying you overtime for it. Yet, some employers constantly ask for an extra ten minutes here and there for “a quick hand with something” or “to finish something,” which can soon amount to a considerable amount of free labor extracted from the employees.

Failing to pay overtime at the correct rate

Once you reach the daily or weekly limit where overtime kicks in, your employer needs to pay you time and a half for the extra. Time off in lieu of overtime must also be one and a half times the extra worked.

Stealing tips

If you are sure you should have more tips than your employer hands you, it could be that they are skimming some of the money off the top. 

There are legal options available if you believe your employer has committed wage theft. Politely raising your query with your employer first can help you determine whether you need to pursue further measures.